Bricks Started Coming Off Yesterday

  Piece by piece, the bricks were removed—exposing beautiful heart pine that's about 100 years old. We're going to reclaim both the brick and the wood for uses later on in the reno. We also had an EarthCraft meeting where I learned a great deal about sensible construction practices that can make a huge difference … Continue reading Bricks Started Coming Off Yesterday


‘She Spoke to Me’: An Unfinished CH Essay

Just after the renovation in 2008, I wrote part of an essay that talked about what owning/restoring/improving Cannon House has meant to me. I expect to finish it some day, but for now, here's an excerpt:   She spoke to me. Not in words, not in ordinary language. But in smells, in creaks and uneven … Continue reading ‘She Spoke to Me’: An Unfinished CH Essay

Work starts tomorrow!

After more than 12 months of planning, drawings, nail-biting and other jostling, the next-phase renovation begins tomorrow. I'll be posting pictures, video and other tidbits that catalog all points in the process, from beginning to end. Please follow the blog here and on Facebook to trace the progress. More soon! Make sure to follow my … Continue reading Work starts tomorrow!