Cannon House is in the very heart of midtown Atlanta, with Piedmont Park and Woodruff Center to the north; the Fox Theatre to the south; and many other important landmarks within walking distance.

Freelance multimedia journalist and author Will Pollock has owned the home since 2004. From the outset, Will has had a vision to give CH some important modern updates while still preserving the home’s history.

CH earned its name in 2008, when an extended title search revealed the home had been owned for 50+ years by the Cannon Family.

“We were able to date the house back to 1921,” says George Maynard, real estate historian. “I’m guessing that the original owner—having owned the much larger frame house several doors down—perhaps thought she’d buy this infill lot and build her dream house.”

Watch the clip, courtesy of HGTV:


Both HGTV and Discovery Channel documented the renovation in 2008. All clips are available on Will Pollock’s YouTube channel.



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