Digging the Dirt… And The Trenches

This past week has seen a flurry of activity, with approvals from the city for the new retaining wall... and digging the trenches for the new wall structure. Much like the houses of its time, Cannon House will have angular zigs and zags in this new addition. Today also saw the removal of the house's … Continue reading Digging the Dirt… And The Trenches


Big Decision No. 1: Pac Man Edition

There are points in every reno where you have to make a tough decision that has no good answer. Today was one of those days. Due to a measuring error, we either had to scale back and modify a critical part of the new kitchen and mud room, or modify the brick-serpentine wall. After some … Continue reading Big Decision No. 1: Pac Man Edition

Bricks Started Coming Off Yesterday

  Piece by piece, the bricks were removed—exposing beautiful heart pine that's about 100 years old. We're going to reclaim both the brick and the wood for uses later on in the reno. We also had an EarthCraft meeting where I learned a great deal about sensible construction practices that can make a huge difference … Continue reading Bricks Started Coming Off Yesterday