Big Decision No. 1: Pac Man Edition

There are points in every reno where you have to make a tough decision that has no good answer. Today was one of those days.

Due to a measuring error, we either had to scale back and modify a critical part of the new kitchen and mud room, or modify the brick-serpentine wall. After some excellent suggestions and imput from all involved (which included creating a new focal point in the backyard), we decided to modify the wall rather than mess with an already great design.

This was not an easy call by any means. I wanted to keep the spirit of the backyard the same; any time you mess with area around an important tree (I harvest that plum tree every year), you risk harming the root structure.

Here’s what that portion looked like before:

the serpentine wall in question, which was supposed to be largely intact.

the serpentine wall in question, which was supposed to be largely intact.

And here are the guys working on dismantling the wall (with a snippet of slow-mo in there, because why not):

The end result looks like Pac Man took a huge bite out of the backyard:


I’ll use Magisto occasionally to pull together video and images… here’s one montage:

In order to make this unanticipated nook marry with the whole project, we’re going to engrave a piece of original marble (found in the basement during the first reno) with the initials “CH” and inset it in the rebuilt wall. More details soon.

Enjoy. Updates to follow. — WP



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